Yes, Tall People Can Wear Vertical Stripes

Contrary to popular belief, it can be flattering no matter how many CMs you are.

You’ve probably heard about how wearing horizontal stripes can make you look wider (not that it’s a fashion don’t for curvaceous women, but we’ll save that 101 for another day) while in vertical stripes, you’ll appear longer. Sounds like just the perfect thing to monopolize according to your stature, but what if you, a fairly tall person, actually love your stripes in a vertical length?

Well, lo and behold; just like how petite ladies can rock midi skirts, you can still look fab wearing them too without being too self-conscious of your height! Here’s the low-down on all know-how.

1. Accessorising is the key


If you think vertical stripes are a little intimidating (it always seem so in the beginning), try breaking them down with accessories like a cap or a pair of flats with a different print. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures (e.g velvet or suede) too! The aim is to lessen the focus of the additional ‘length’ in your outfit.

2. Downplay the stripes

stripes 2

images from left to right via: fashion71, Pinterest, clothingcandy

You could either do one of two things:

(i) wear vertical stripes in a shorter length, e.g a short bodycon skirt or a crop top.

(ii) wear vertical stripes with a broader dimension.

3. A single vertical stripe

stripes 3

via ourmode

Want to try wearing stripes on your bottoms but worry about it highlighting your height? No problem! Try a pair with a single vertical stripe that runs down along the side of your jeans. Subtle but just as stylish!

4. Experiment!


via cocofashion, iris photogaphy

When it comes to those chic maxi skirts, opt for different colour combinations to add versatality to your closet. Just be sure to choose them in a more dull shade to deviate the focus from your height.

5. Feeling bold?

stripes 4

via ontheracks

Mix up a horizontal striped top with a vertical striped bottom for a quirky sense of style. It’ll definitely throw off that super tall illusion.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to shy away from wearing vertical stripes if you’re tall. If you don’t think they look good on you, you probably just haven’t found the right piece yet. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with flaunting your height.

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