Yasmin Suteja Shows You How To Wear The Best Of 90s Fashion

If you’re into vintage vibes and throwbacks from the 90’s, you definitely have to check out this fashion power girl: Yasmin Suteja, the brains behind the fashion-focused creative agency, Culture Machine.

Sydney-born and Bali-raised Yasmin has inspired her followers to wear what they want, instead of following the latest trends.

Yasmin herself wears mostly basic outfit pieces with touches of her personality. But what impresses us the most is how she has reimagined classic 90s style and made it her own signature look.

Here are the five iconic items you can steal from her look:

1. Hoop Earrings

This endless fashion statement has been worn by people from all generations. It’s versatile, classic, and absolutely 90’s! Yasmin usually wears it paired with a white or black t-shirt, or a leather jacket for a biker touch. Definitely a must-have!

2.Vintage Band Tees

Ain’t no vintage vibe without band t-shirts. Our muse loves to pair it up with denim jeans, or colourful plaid pants like the picture above. It’s also another way to fangirl your favourite band without saying too much.

3. Red Pants

Yasmin used to be a monochrome outfit kind of person, but her style gradually changed over the years. Now bold colors – especially red – look like they were created for her. This OOTD proves that there will never be too much red in one look!

4. Quirky Shades

Remember Alicia Silverstone’s quirky shades on Clueless? We still can’t get enough of that, and neither can Yasmin. She opts for square-ish and cat-eye sunnies shape with thick borders. To play it safe, choose a more neutral color to avoid colour clashes with your outfit.

5. Plaid 

Plaid or checkered pants will never, ever go out of style. This fashion power girl loves it high-waisted and wide-legged! You can either leave the hem as it is or roll it up for a different, more boyish look. Don’t forget to wear it with your boots for an extra vintage touch.

Text by Ivanka Wu.

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