The Workout Pants And Tights That Promise To Boost Your Workout Performances!

The strength of the new Nike Pants Studio range is in its functionality and freedom to move. Each of the nine pants (Nike Flow Pant, Nike Swift Pant, and Nike Bliss Pant) and tights (Nike Pro Tight, Nike Fly Tight, Nike Speed Tight,  Nike Sculpt Tight,  and Nike Power Tight), are designed for those who want more options of apparel to choose from that helps to enhance the individual’s specific activities whether it be yoga, running, high-intensity interval workouts or ballet. There’s one for everyone!

“We are designing for every athlete — no matter what activity they’re doing,” says Jamie Lee, Senior Design Director for Nike Women’s Training. “On top of expanding the styles, we’re giving choices for materials, finishes, feel, rises, lengths and features.”

NIKE SWIFT PANT - Don't feel comfortable going to the grocery store after a run in tights? Try the running pant! 'The fabric is light and loose, and won’t get sweaty or chafe-y on short runs'

NIKE FLOW PANT - “Our research told us that there was a girl who was specifically looking for a pant they could wear to yoga, so we focused on giving her something that provided 360 range of motion,” says Jamie

NIKE POWER TIGHT - The training tights that was designed with six core movements (push, pull, lunge, squat, bend and rotate) in mind so it provides you with the right kind of flexibility for your workout.

NIKE SCULPT TIGHT - For workouts that requires you to 'length through your spine and to feel grounded in your feet' a good pair like these can help to make feel centred and tight through the core with the hi-rise fit.

NIKE FLY TIGHT - “We built the Fly Tight to provide a tight but unrestricted fit for high mobility, and determined the exact length that spin class consumers prefer, which is just below the knee but not too far down on the calf that it constrains her movement,” added Jamie.

NIKE BLISS PANT - The unrestricted, multi-directional mobility of this pant is great for those taking up dancing or boxing. It proves that not all flexibility require a pair of tights.

NIKE EPIC LUX TIGHT - 'Distanced runners carry a lot of things with them like phone and keys, this update of the classic silhouette has enough storage for you to store your little necessities.

NIKE PRO TIGHT - This is the lightest tight in the range. It will give you great movement as you switch from practice drills to agility work to lifting heavy.

NIKE SPEED TIGHT - 'Lightweight and minimal. It helps to reduce soft tissue motion in the quads and hamstrings, which can be a good thing during a fast, intense run'

How did they do it?

The Nike team interviewed several elite and everyday athletes, focus group with women all around the world and did a heap loads of wear tests to figure out what everybody needs in a workout gear, according to Jamie. “So, now we have styles that are more for the studio, for traditional training workouts and even a team-oriented tight.”

Our Editorial Assistant, Alya Zulkernai tried out the Nike Sculpt Tight and here’s her verdict.

“Before I went for the review I was browsing through the nine options they offer and I immediately wanted the Nike Sculpt Tight because it was hi-rise and I’m a sucker for anything high-waisted. I was fortunate to be given the same one when I attended the yoga session with one of Nike’s many ambassadors, Arabyrd organised by Nike Malaysia to give their Sculpt Tight a go!

“When I put on the tights I notice that my legs looked extra long and well sculpted due to its hi-rise cut and compression. This instantly boosted my confidence! Not only that but the hi-rise tights are designed in a way that it compresses the tummy area to help me strengthen my core when I do yoga poses like the planks or the headstand.

“The tights were light and I didn’t expect it to be so since it felt pretty thick when I first held it. So it gave me the freedom to move my lower-body without any constraints. Because of the power mesh at the back, it gave a bit of ventilation for me to stay cool and dry until the end.”

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