What Are the Best Colours to Wear for Your Skin Tone

This is going to make shopping so much easier!

Are you warm-toned or cool-toned? We’ve talked about the best (and worst) colours for your hair based on your skin tone but that’s not all they affect; your wardrobe can also make a difference.

Yup, seriously.

Have you ever picked up an amazing-looking clothing piece off the rack, head to the fitting room and try it on only to feel like it ‘actually’ doesn’t look that amazing? It’s not the clothing that is playing tricks on you — it’s your skin tone. So we found a cheat sheet by StyleCaster as to what would work best on you.

Psst… Check out here if you’re not sure what your skin tone is.

best colours to wear for your skin tones - clothes chart

Basically, if you have a warm skin tone, your best bet is to opt for similarly warm shades. Think golden yellows, oranges, peaches, browns, (warm) reds, yellow-greens, or olive greens. And when it comes to accessories, gold jewellery will definitely make you look even more ‘alive’.

jamie chung skin tone

On the cool skin tone side, the choices are just as the word ‘cool’ suggests: pinks, blues, teals, mint greens, purples, magentas and (cool) reds. Silver jewellery can help make you look less tired or washed-out.

lucy liu skin tone

Pictures: StyleCaster, TPGNews

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