A Water Bottle And Purse Hybrid? Where Can We Get One!

Carrying a tiny bag whilst having to carry a water bottle (cos you know Malaysia is so hot these days and we need our daily intake of 8 glasses of H2O) to events can be a hassle. But we might’ve found a solution for this dilemma.

The Australian brand Aquapurse is highlighted as the slim and stylish arm candy for going to concerts, gym, travelling and attending parties or events, this hybrid bag allows you to edit your everyday handbag into bringing the essentials you need which include a water bottle.

‘Combining hydration with style’, Australian Entrepreneur, Shereen Huber came with this brilliant idea of combining a water bottle with a purse during her travelling adventures in the hot and humid weather of South East Asia. She wanted a way for people to stay hydrated without compromising style, thus the hybrid Aquapurse was invented.

The BPA free bottle can hold up to 700ml of water which is equivalent to three glasses. The bottles come in this slim design with different finishes – clear as well as coloured.

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Meanwhile, the detachable PU purse allows you to carry your phone (even Iphone+), credit cards and ID cards, cash, a lipstick and a key. What’s great about the detachable feature is that you can easily mix and match colours and patterns to your liking. It also comes with a strap which you can detach and carry the bag as a clutch. We also heard that they’re coming up with leather pouches next year, so look out for that!

It’s definitely a statement piece that gives off very modern industrial-esque look when you wear it. Our very own Insta-girl Narisa Soraya has also don this cute arm candy!

The bags are retailed from 69 AUD to 109 AUD and they ship worldwide. Visit www.myaquapurse.com for more!




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