What I Liked About the GUESS Connect Smartwatch

When fashion meets technology, they create a beautiful baby!

Earlier this year, our FEMALE Fashion Editor went to Baselworld 2015 where she (and the rest of the guests there) first saw GUESS’ first smartwatch and boy, it caused such a buzz. Fast forward several months later, I got the opportunity to try out the finished product before its launch on 10th December 2015 at selected GUESS stores in Malaysia.

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Two weeks with the nifty beauty was more than enough to wow me over. So here are some of the things I like (and don’t) about the new GUESS Connect smartwatch.

1. The design

I mean, just look at it! My personal preference was the blue and rose gold 41mm case with a silicone strap – the colour combination was not only gorgeous but pretty much paired well with most of my outfits. Speaking of silicone, that’s another thing I love about the watch. First, it’s light and second, you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty as you can easily rub off any marks with a cloth (or your finger – that’s what I did).


2. Great for on-the-go

The GUESS Connect smartwatch primarily offers voice command functions, thus making it (and your smartphone which you need to pair it with via Bluetooth) hands-free and ‘eyes-free’. With just a touch of a button, you can get it (to make your smartphone) to make a phone call, text someone or even Google for directions. And because it houses a fully-contained Martian module that sports a microphone and clear audio speaker, you can answer your calls and talk via the watch itself! THIS was so useful when I was driving around KL.

GUESS connect malaysia review

Similarly, the watch has a small digital OLED display screen that shows your incoming text messages (yes, including WhatsApp), which was also convenient when I was driving and couldn’t pick up my phone to see who was sending me a gazillion texts (is it work?)(it was one of the group chats about where to go for lunch, actually). The only downside about this is that the scrolling text was a little too slow for my patience and the constant vibration on my wrist could get a little annoying.

You can, however, customize the vibration patterns according to different alerts (texts, calls, emails, low battery, etc) or set it to ‘Do Not Disturb’. I did the latter when I was watching a movie at the cinema.


3. A fair few basic/interesting functions 

Like the alarm or ‘Find Your Phone’. There’s also a ‘Find My Watch’ on the phone. Whichever one you’re ‘finding’, the device will sound off a melody so you know where it is. Of course, since the smartwatch is connected via Bluetooth, it won’t work if you left it at home when you’re in the office. Then again, GUESS Connect will buzz when it’s ‘Out of Range’.

The next fun bit about the smartwatch is the ‘Camera Mode’ which is perfect for selfies; and you won’t need to hold your phone or sacrifice quality with the front-facing camera… or your arm in the shot. Just prop up your phone with the angle you want, head back to the spot you want your photo taken, and just press the button on your watch.

GUESS connect smartwatch review

Other misc but notable mentions about the watch

– It’s compatible for both iOS and Android

– You can tap the glass to recall the most recent notification

– The watch menu supports the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese and Korean

– Manage the full settings menu via the GUESS Connect app

GUESS Connect app iPhone

That’s pretty much what I used the GUESS Connect smartwatch for and what I love about it. While you can’t exactly do everything with it, I’d have to say that it delivers what it should as a fashion smartwatch. The battery life is good (about 2-3 days depending on how many calls or texts I send and read, and I turn it off before I go to sleep) and it doesn’t take too long to charge (about 1.5 to 2 hours). And in the event that the battery dies, you’d at least still be wearing a working watch – and a stylish-looking one too!

guess connect malaysia launch and promo


The GUESS Connect smartwatch is priced at RM1,499 and will only be available starting from 10 Dec 2015 at the following stores:

2. GUESS Mid Valley
3. GUESS Sunway Pyramid
4. GUESS Pavilion
5. GUESS Accessories Pavilion
6. Watch Engine, Avenue K
7. Hang Thai Bangsar
8. Watchshoppe Mid Valley


Be one of first 50 to visit any of these locations to receive a complimentary gift just by checking out the GUESS Connect smartwatch and taking a Facebook/Instagram photo of it. The best Facebook or Instagram post will win a RM500 GUESS watches cash Voucher!


TL;DR Watch the video below for a quick grasp of what the GUESS Connect smartwatch is capable of!

For more info of the GUESS Connect smartwatch, visit http://guessconnect.com



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