WATCH: Kristen Stewart As Coco Chanel in Karl Lagerfeld Film

It’s unlike any Coco Chanel short film you’ve ever seen. 

Countless actresses have played the beautiful Gabrielle Chanel and her inspiring life story. It came to a point where Karl Lagerfeld decided to do something different – his latest short film, Once and forever. It tells the story of a film production about Coco Chanel and it takes place behind the scenes, taking you from the costume tests to the script meetings to the screen tests.

kristen stewart coco chanel karl lagerfeld

PHOTO: Olivier Saillant / Courtesy of Chanel

So how does Kristen Stewart and Geraldine Chaplin come into the picture? They both play two actresses starring in the fictional film as Gabrielle Chanel at different ages. Having come a long way since her Twilight and Snow White days, it’s Kristen Stewart’s first time slipping into the skin of Coco Chanel and she shines in the role slash character Karl has given her. “She can look like Chanel, and I wanted to show Chanel through all the decades of her life and the comeback in the 1950’s,” declares Karl Lagerfeld.

As for Geraldine Chaplin, fans of the brand would know she’s no stranger to the role. This is her fourth time playing Gabrielle Chanel in the designer’s films; which explains her character in Once and forever.

Take a look at the full short film below for yourself!

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