How to Wear Layers Like a Pro

You don’t have to choose warmth over style. We show you how you can have both!


While people overseas often have to switch up their wardrobes according to the four seasons, we in Malaysia tend to dress according to only two weather conditions: rain or shine. So, when our next vacay is in a country that has the complete opposite of our hot and humid environment, packing can sometimes be a pain, especially if it’s during the chilly months of spring. It won’t be freezing like winter, but neither will it be warm like the summer breeze. You’ll need an in-between and our fashionista of the month, Isabel, has given us a stylish inspiration for layering up!


Outerwear on outerwear becomes out of this world!

Forget the laidback hoodies or the overwhelming coats. Isabel’s trick? Layer up with jackets! She chose a black denim buttoned-down jacket as her base and paired it with a stylish camo print zip-up. The colour combo works instantly, and when print meets texture, chic points are totally a given!

As for her bottoms, she stuck with the colour scheme of the camo and opted for a light lime green pants that also gives the overall look a more refreshing Spring-esque feel.

How to steal Isabel’s style:

Choose a basic coloured jacket for the base and match it with a printed jacket on top. Pair your bottoms according to the colour tone of the outer-outerwear.


Rock it with some metal

Swap your usual holiday arm candy with a metallic arm party and you’ll be ready to take your vacay #OOTD! This works especially well if you’re planning to channel Isabel’s camo look. As for your feet, heels are not practical when you’re travelling so if you still want to inject some style minus the discomfort, opt for stylish sandals. Peep-toes like Isabel’s are quite cute.

How to steal Isabel’s style:

Leave the classic neutral tones (though we agree they’re the most travel-friendly in terms of matching with different outfits) for your shoes – there’s already a lot going on above it. Opt for a bag with an ‘effect’ to it. We’re talking about shimmer, transparent or even the gorgeous irridescent. It’ll go with most outfits!

Get more of Isabel’s style tips and looks in female’s June ’14 issue!

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