How to Wear Animal Prints Like a Fashionista

It’s one print that could easily make you a fashion victim but we’ve got the tips to make it UN-tacky!

Let’s face it; animal prints are hard. Match it with one wrong item, and you could easily be fined by the Fashion Police (if they were to spot you on the street somehow). Still, it’s not exactly impossible. Like every other challenging fashion piece, there’s a surefire way to rock it like a tiger/zebra/leopard.


Our Stylephile of the month, Emily Quak gives you one fine example to work with: a white leopard print top.


1. Simple heels

On their own, they generally already pack quite a punch (read: height) and since your top is just roaring out, single-toned pumps are the perfect choice to blend in with the whole outfit elegantly.

TIP: Not so much of a white footwear person? Don’t worry, your little black heels have got your feet! They’ll match most outfits.


2. Minimalistic accessories

Keep everything basic because an animal print item will usually take the spotlight. When it comes to accessorising, we suggest a chain-esque arm party to instill an edgy touch.


3. Contrasting bottoms

Sure, the easiest way to pair that animal-istic top is to go monotone (black/white) but if you’re more into colours, it’s A-okay too! Just go for one with a bright contrast in warm colours to match the bold but cold-toned white leopard print!

TIP: We just love how Emily added a leopard print belt for that print on print effect; subtle but absolutely chic.

Get more of Emily’s style tips on how to mix colours and prints together in female’s January ’13 issue!

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