Fashion Bloggers We Love: Denise Lai

90% of her clothes are black, she’s more of a sneakers girl and we think her fashion style, blog and life are all just so “SUPERWOWOMG”!

This week’s international fashion blogger is on the other side of the style scale from our first featured blogger,Tricia Gosingtian. Her style involves simple items that can be easily mix and matched, and where accessories, such as a nice handbag or cool jewellery, are key to adding MAJOR chic points to her outfit. So if you adore Alexa Chung, Chloe Sevigny or even Jayne from Stop it Right Now, then you will love Denise Lai‘s blog at


Born in Singapore, raised in Hong Kong, pursued a degree in New York and now living in Shanghai, we can definitely see that her style has been inspired by the places she’s been. With her signature oversized glasses and once-upon-a-time-colourful-but-now-full-on-blond-hair, she has collaborated with brands such as Cole Haan, Forever21 and J.Crew, as well as many other indie designers. And speaking of indie designers, we’re just lusting over most, if not all, of her accessories featured in her photos. ‘Unique’ would seem like an understatement.


What’s one of the great things about SUPERWOWOMG is how easy it is to read. It’s entertaining. And sometimes, she includes GIFs to make it more fun. Besides blogging about fashion, Denise also writes about the places she’s been; in and out of her country. They can be pretty useful references for anyone’s future trips since she includes addresses, ESPECIALLY for shopping and eating destinations – the two most important aspects of travelling.



All we can say is, this is one fashion blogger on the rise! Here’s our little Q&A with the girl who’s minimalisticly chic with a super bubbly personality!

f:  Let’s talk about Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion trends! Any faves that you’ve spotted? 

Denise Lai (D):  As usual, always in love with minimalist black ensembles but now with the added punch of a wide brim circle hat, dainty ankle strap heels or flats and adding bits of baby pink to my outfits.


f:  Speaking of trends, what’s a great tip when trying something new?

D:  Don’t go overboard with trends, pick one and go with it which is why I always like to start with black and then layer!

f:  BEST shopping city you’ve been to would be __________?

D:  Hong Kong for sure, they have the best high-end as well as low-end and it helps that I can get lots of discount!


f:  I’ll never be caught wearing __________?

D:  Any sort of over the top neon outfit.

f:  Three fashion must-have pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe? 

D:  Leather moto jacket, black trousers and a classic box bag.


f: Last thing you bought?

D: I waited for a long time for this Opening Ceremony OCLA satchel to go on sale and when it finally did, I snatched it up real quick!


f: Random, but waffles or pancakes?

D: WAFFLES! I’m on a crazy waffle obsession right now!


f: Simple: Sheldon Cooper or Johnny Bravo?

D: Probably Johnny Bravo just because we can swap perfect black tees and sunglasses tips!

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