#Throwback Trend: Chokers

Here are six different styles to try and one you can DIY

Photo: Reddit

Photo: Reddit

Are you a ‘90s kid? Chances are you’ve worn the popular plastic choker around your neck at least once (with a matching arm bracelet and ring to boot). While back then they came in one style in either black or a rainbow of hues, the comeback trend today is reinterpreted in a variety of fabrics and silhouettes, which oozes a much more modern appeal. So, if you’re thinking of giving the new-gen chokers a go, here’s a list of updated styles (even Hollywood’s A-listers can’t resist) for you to experiment with.

1. Satin


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Besides leather and velvet, this softer and shinier fabric is a great alternative, especially for night events. From super-skinny strands to wider bands, feel free to play with proportions. Like Miranda Kerr, you can opt for one with a pendant or charm too.


 2. Lace


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For a romantic flair, take cues from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s lace, see-through version. It’s delicate, feminine and adds just the right amount of sensuality to your #ootd. *winks*


3. Tiered


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You don’t always have to stick to one style. Wearing two at a time works too! Case in point: Selena Gomez dials up the drama by layering two thin straps and a chained design together.


4. Metallic Mesh


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For a dash of glam, metals are your best friend. Gigi Hadid gets her fix with this fluid, metallic mesh variant that even matches her attire. Tip: slick your hair back to show off that beautiful piece!


5. Bejewelled


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To make a statement à la Kim Kardashian, pick one that’s fully encrusted in rhinestones and diamanté. It’s perfect for cocktails and black-tie evenings; plus, it’ll sparkle extra bright under the light.


6. High-shine


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If you’re a rocker chick at heart, reach for a circular-shaped choker that’s metallic and mirrored, just like Vanessa Hudgen’s. It lends an ideal balance of grunge and glam!


7. DIY Crystal-pendant Choker

Attempting to make one from scratch? We’ve done the hard work. From materials you need to the final finished look, click through this step-by-step gallery for inspo!

The inspo: asos, approx. RM41.80

What you need: Leather strap or ribbon (cut according to length of neck), chain, seam picker, pliers, pendant, ribbon clamps, jump rings (in two sizes) and a clasp.

Step 1: With your pliers, attach the clamps to both ends of the leather strap.

Step 2: Make a tiny hole in the middle of the leather strap, attach the smaller jump ring through the hole and the larger one onto the smaller one.

Step 3: Attach the chains (half the size of leather straps) to the larger jump ring and the ribbon clamps on both sides.

Step 4: Attach the clasp to the ribbon clamp.

Step 5: Attach the pendant onto the large jump ring.

Final look!