This Dutch Designer Creates Quirky Food Handbags And They Look Unbelievably Appetizing

From zero-calorie local snack purses to household items-inspired outfits, we’ve been seeing various kinds of outside-the-box creations from fashion designers. Apart from their unique design inspired by everyday items, the close resemblance to the real objects also never fail to garner attention on the Internet.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like mainstream fashion items commonly found on the streets, ROMMYDEBOMMY is here to switch up your fashion look. The Dutch brand was founded by a former product design student named Rommy who decided to create real-looking food purses after she couldn’t find anything like that herself.

“Making food purses from patterned printing fabrics is too easy for me. I really like to create the impossible and food has always been my biggest interest. Since I couldn’t find purses that look like real food on the Internet or in stores, I started to create them by myself,” Rommy explains on her website.

The 27-year-old artist from Rotterdam takes inspiration from pastry chef accounts on Instagram and Pinterest to create her products. All her whimsical designs are handmade to order using different kinds of clay foam (hard and soft), which is why the processing time varies between two to four weeks.

Whether it’s candies, desserts, Western cuisine or Asian delights, Rommy’s website and Etsy store are truly a buffet for customers to pick the type of food-fashion they like. Not to mention, the details on each product are absolutely remarkable to closely resemble the real products! Apart from purses, she also does unique food bowties for men such as apple core, spaghetti, hotdog and waffle.


Her designs are priced from RM389.67 for men’s bowties and RM803.70 for women’s handbags. However, do expect to pay more than RM3,000 for some items that require lots of detail. Would you choose to purchase these bizarre purses over designer brands?

ROMMYDEBOMMY ships worldwide. 

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