These High Heels Can Change Colour With A Smartphone App

Matching every outfit with just one pair of shoes is no longer a fantasy!

Just when we were thinking that a smartwatch could be the furthest extent of wearable (stylish) tech-fashion, the world surprises us again with an even cooler invention yet: the colour-changing smart shoes – Volvorii Timeless. Created by a Lithuanian startup called iShüu Tech, the chameleon-esque peep toe heels are pimped out with E-ink technology that enables them to alter its pattern on the wearer’s cue.


Imagine a scenario when you need to transform your office wear to a sexy girls’ night out look but you don’t have enough time to head back home. Instead of showing up in a mismatched outfit in the end, why not just change the colour of your shoes according to your preference? Depending on your choice of style, you can switch the Volvorii E-ink display from white to black to a chic black and white pattern with just a click on your smartphone’s app (iOS and Android-friendly).


Aside from its colour-changing function, the shoes also have fasteners located on the front and back, allowing you to attach your favourite accessories, such as flowers or bows. These high-tech pumps might sound too good to be true but we assure you, it is neither a concept design or a product that will take a few more years to produce; they are already available for pre-order now on for $249 (plus shipping) with an estimated delivery by December 2015.


Available in black and white, the soft leather-lined Volvorii also comes in two heel heights – 3.5 inches and 4.5 inches. With a hidden circuitboard, Bluetooth and battery components, the E-ink process does require charging about once a month for approximately two hours using the USB wireless charger included. Now, #shutupandtakeourmoney!

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