The Stylish Customisable O Bags Are Now Available In Malaysia!

Ever wanted to have a bag that can give a different look and feel every time without forking out a lump sum of money? Well introducing O Bag, the Italian fashion brand that offers customizable bags, watches, bracelets and sunglasses. The brand just opened up their first store in Malaysia at ground floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing).



Established in Italy in 2009, O bag centres around innovation, versatility, colour and essentiality. The body bags, interchangeable inserts and handles are sold separately at a fairly reasonable price range, giving you more freedom to mix and match according to your mood and style.

Each of the fashion items come in a variety of sizes, colours and designs that you can choose from. They’ve got bag handles from leather to eco leather, wool and also ropes. With colours from tangerine orange and pale pink to muted grey and jet black, your options are endless.


Besides the versatility of the products, their ‘O bags’, ‘O Watch’, ‘O bracelets’ are not made out of any type of material instead it’s made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) rubber. This material can withstand all kinds of weather and is super easy to manage (say yes to white coloured bags!).  

“O bag is a design-focused brand. It is innovative, versatile, playful and colourful. All products are created with the intention for them to be personalised with interchangeable accessories. It allows individuals to express their personality by offering them a variety of choices to coordinate, to mix and match in order to create quirky styles and unique combinations,” said Shannon Chua, Director of Halo Retail Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of O bag in Malaysia.



Chua added, “O bag is a blend of form and function; a practical as well as contemporary design which promotes the use of cutting-edge materials and classic, essential forms, infused with the power of colour.”

Today, O bag can be found in over 160 stores throughout Italy and more than 80 outlets in approximately 50 countries. The brand prides itself in the fact their products are designed and made in Italy.

O bag Summer Collection.

O bag Coffee Bean Collection.

The versatile and quirky O City.

O Hug for a night out.

The O 50 backpack.

O Chives.

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