The Beauty Of Craftsmanship in Louis Vuitton’s SS20 Collection

Behind every Louis Vuitton design is a great story and imppecable craftsmanship.

Hand embroidering sequins to the dress | Photography: Louis Vuitton

What is Savoir Faire

In case you were wondering, it simply translates into two words: Know-How. For Louis Vuitton, it is the expertise of craftsmanship that’s been passed from generation to generation for more than 160 years now. However, it’s not just about the impeccable quality of clothing or stylish silhouettes, but the countless innovations that are introduced every decade. For SS20, Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière gave us a blast from the past that’s rich in history of the Belle Epoque era, where beautifully painted fabrics, ruffles and bishop-sleeved silhouettes came out to play. The accessories that were carried on the runway were equally unique and eye-catching too. While each piece is mastered to perfection by skilled artisans, it’s their savoir faire that makes it worthwhile.

Check out what goes behind the scenes before your favourite pieces go on the shelf: 

Fabric cutting by hand when producing the 'Swift Loafer' | Photography: Louis Vuitton

Stitching the upper part of the 'Academy' loafer | Photography: Louis Vuitton

Assembling the Dauphine's signature buckle to the upper part| Photography: Louis Vuitton

Upper of the shoe waiting to be assembled to its sole | Photography: Louis Vuitton

Stitching a reinforced leather trim on the base of the 'Vanity' bag | Photography: Louis Vuitton

Shaping and stitching process of the 'Vanity' bag | Photography: Louis Vuitton