#StyleCrush of the Week: Heidi Klum (Halloween Edition)

We’re dubbing her the queen of all Halloween costumes for her outrageous get ups.

We’re putting a special spin on this week’s post by paying tribute to the Queen of Halloween costumes who is none other than supermodel, Heidi Klum. Since hosting her first party 16 years ago, Heidi has been bringing her A-game each year, even resorting to rely on prosthetics to achieve her over-the-top (and most of the time, unrecognizable) looks.

Let’s take a look back at when it all started! Which is your most favourite look of hers to date?

Photography: The Gloss

Heidi in a goth doll look at her very first Halloween party in 2000!

Photography: Us Weekly

Making an entrance (on a horse, no less) as Lady Godiva in 2001.

Photography: The Huffington Post

As Betty Boop in 2002! Looking back, this “costume” seems mild compared to the rest of her outfits.

Photography: Today.com

Allien Heidi in 2003. If real alliens look THIS good…

Photography: Us Weekly

Red hot (or not?) as a red witch in 2004.

Photography: Metro

In 2005 as a vampire. This costume totes give us the American rock band KISS’ vibe.

Photography: The Huffington Post

The heavily pregnant Heidi in an Eve’s Apple costume in 2006 – what a way to conceal the bump!

Photography: Us Weekly

This cat costume (from 2007) totally kicks the rest of the leotard-cat ear costumes to the curb.

Photography: The Telegraph

Definitely one of her most outrageous picks – Kali The Hindu Goddess in 2008.

Photography: The First

Heidi painted her face black to camouflage in her all-black crow look. At her party in 2009!

Photography: Us Weekly

As an allien transformer in 2010. Those shoes though…

Photography: The Daily Beast

Heidi proves that skeleton costumes are overrated in her dead body look in 2011.

Photography: The Telegraph

Zoom in on her face and you’ll notice her fully embellished face as Cleopatra in 2012. Salute!

Photography: E!

Looking almost unrecognizable as an old lady in 2013. Outfit on point!

Photography: Daily Mail

Heidi in character – a butterfly – in 2014. Where can we get this costume?!

Photography: Pop Sugar

2015; Heidi Klum or Jessica Rabbit who came to life?

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