Sometime by Asian Designers’ Latest Special Edition Eslona Canvas Collection Is Adorable For A Good Cause

You may know Sometime by Asian Designers best for their designer collaborations and stylish vegan leather bags, but they’re making a splash in the world of sustainable canvas bags too! 

Earlier this year, the brand introduced its first ever canvas collection, the Estela collection of simple yet multi-purpose and customisable canvas items – from the Eslona tote bag, the Estela shopper bag, and the Espouch pouches – specially designed to promote a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly lifestyle. 

It’s through this Estela collection that Sometime by Asian Designers has officially introduced their latest CSR initiative: a Special Edition Eslona tote bag, that’ll raise awareness and proceed for the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), an organization that advocates the conservation of the country’s natural environment, animals, and heritage. 

Besides being for a good cause, the special canvas bag collection is cute too: they feature some seriously adorable animal patches (a Malayan tapir, tiger, or Sumatran rhinoceros), and it also comes in a Mini version for kids so you can match!

The animal patches come courtesy of Anak Rimba Books, an independent e-bookstore that sells children’s books that center around endangered animals and their habitats. 

“I’m constantly looking for innovative ways to produce products of exceptional quality in a sustainable way. Hence, we avoid using animal skin for our leather products. The canvas collection is our first step into the world of eco-friendly fashion,” says co-founder and head of product, Nicole W. “It gives me great pleasure to partner with Anak Rimba Books, d.d collective and Sereni & Shentel as it gives the Eslona collection a greater purpose.”

The Special Edition Eslona (RM119) and Eslona Mini (RM109) are available in beige and black. For more information on the collection, visit or the brand’s showroom in The Gardens Mall, KL.