The Sold Out ‘Meghan Bag’ Is Available For Pre-Order Now!


The Meghan-effect finally came in full force as Meghan Markle’s Strathberry midi tote bag was sold out within the first 11 minutes after she was spotted carrying it last month during her first official outing with Prince Harry as the future Duchess of Sussex.

According to the Scottish luxury brand, the bag was completely sold out and was resold online for up to four times the original price – and we can totally see why.


The tricolour midi tote features the brand’s iconic bar closure and comes in a stylish yet timeless leather silhoutte fit for royalty. It’s already been called the ‘Meghan bag’ by Strathberry!

Getting that royalty title, she is bound to become everyone’s favourite new fashion icon to look out for in 2018. Everything she wears and does will be looked into by many with a magnifying glass in one hand and the other ready to swipe that credit card.

The Strathberry Midi Tote – Tri Colour Burgundy/Navy/Vanilla£675 (Aprx RM 3663.10)

Strathberry is currently in the process producing a second batch (well taken care of by the best craftsmen) of the highly coveted arm candy, so fans all over the world can get a second chance to own the It bag.

The ‘Meghan bag’ is available for pre-order on and is expected to ship worldwide by the end of February 2018.



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