Show Your Support For Your Favourite Political Party With Biji-biji’s Upcycled GE14 Collection

Malaysia’s latest General Election was certainly a historic one, and now there’s a wonderful (and eco-friendly!) way to commemorate it and show your support for your favourite political party.

Biji-biji Design‘s new GE14 Banner Bag Collection gives new life to old campaign banners, turning them into tote bags, pouches, and folders! The banners were collected by various eco-conscious sources (like the Ecoknights and YB Hannah Yeoh’s team) and donated to Biji-biji in an admirable and creative effort to reduce waste and encourage sustainable practices.

Biji-biji is known for their initiatives in sustainable living and design and this time they’ve turned their eye onto the large amount of material left behind after the GE14 campaigning.


A4 Folder, RM15

While there are still only items made from PKR banners at the moment, Biji-Biji says that they welcome contributions from anyone or any party. So if you happen to have any old campaign banners lying around, you know what to do!

The GE14 Banner Collection is on available for purchase online at now!

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