Runway Looks We Want You To Remember From MFW SS19!

Ciao, Milano! 

(Photography: NSS Magazine)

We’re almost coming to an end with another eventful month for fashion! This Spring/Summer has been an evolution of prints and street-wear all in one. From deconstructed-rugged outerwear, to bold hues and exaggerated embellishments – we sure love’ em all! We want you to take note of the best pieces we think you should experiment with and we guarantee you’ll ace it in an instant.

Salvatore Ferragamo - The fisherman's net game is still going strong! Utilise this trend on your outfit and take your layering game to the next level!

Fendi - You're never going to bid goodbyes to the biker shorts trend so why not embrace it for a laid-back, utilitarian touch!

Giorgio Armani - Perfect for that summer breeze. Start by picking a soft, aquatic-themed print to make your outfit pop with this sheer palazzo pants.

Marni - Your co-ords should never be boring so why not take it to the next level in this cream palette against this structured jacket!

Missoni - Sheer jumpsuits are calling our name and we think this look by Missoni is TDF!

Moncler - Trust Moncler to bring drama to your outerwear and this balloon sleeved coat is definitely what you need for that grand entrance!

Moschino - We're encouraging you to go bold with your prints, so why not go all the way?

Prada - We love the idea of combining both boy-ish and girly all in one. Pair your toasty brown hue with a touch of neon and you'll be surprised with what you can achieve from that!

Roberto Cavalli - Animal Prints are still making a hit next season so, make your blouse stand-out with of course, biker shorts! Or keep it flowy with a ruffle dress for a feminine touch.

Versace - What's not to love about ruffles and asymmetrical pieces for your Spring/Summer silhouette?