Pomelo Expands Its Sustainability Collection With A New Collaboration Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Pomelo’s latest sustainable collection successfully prevented over 20,000 plastic bottles from entering the landfills!

Sustainability has become one of the biggest topics discussed this year as we’re collectively raising awareness to save our environment. From the food we consume to things we use, many industries have jumped onto the bandwagon to contribute an effort to reduce the environmental footprint we leave behind, and it’s no exception for the fashion industry.

Pomelo is certainly no stranger to many for their efforts to save the planet with their sustainable line, Purpose. Due to the widespread success of Purpose, the brand further launched three new sustainable collections, each designed to address a particular sustainability issue by adopting a different eco-friendly practice.

Inspired by elements of the sea, the first of their collections launched in April 2019. And now in August, the brand continues its sustainability efforts to change the way fast fashion impacts the environment with its upcoming collection inspired by the outdoors and summer getaways. The 29-piece collection features safari staples that are updated with a touch of utility and ranges from versatile tops and bottoms to relaxed dresses – all in soft, neutral shades such as honey-hue, sun-baked pinks and khaki green.

With an aim to reduce the fashion industry’s impact on natural resources, the brand collaborated with EcoMax to produce this collection made from recycled PET (RPET), a type of material made from used plastic bottles, and organically-sourced fabrics including linen, cotton and natural dye.

Check out the full collection that’s available for purchase now at pomelofashion.com.

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