The Best Hijab Styles For Your Face Shape

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We all want to look our best and sometimes it takes a while to understand what look suits us perfectly. (Trust me, I’ve suffered way too long in the awkward teen phase too.)  While figuring out our clothing style is one thing, finding the perfect hijab look is a whole new world– a world full of long lengths of fabric put together with 10 different pins.

But just with haircuts and glasses, the key to finding a hijab style that’s perfect for you is to first identify the shape of your face. Once you know what your face shape is, you’ll know what features to accentuate.

Here are 6 of the basic face shapes and styles that’ll hopefully help you find your ideal hijab look!

1. Oval

Did you know the oval face shape is the universal face shape out of the 6 shapes? Considered by many as the ‘perfect’ shape for being able to pull off a variety of styles, oval faces are long and have prominent cheekbones with a tapered chin. Lucky for you, you can be very versatile with your hijab styles too!

How To Wear It:

You can either go for the loosely draped style by having the scarf framing the sides of your face or wrap it firmly around your face and tuck it under your chin! However, if you go for the fitted look keep the sides of your face neat with no folds as that breaks the flow and makes your face look short and round.

Hot tip: If you have a round forehead use the under-cap to reduce the illusion of the roundness– plus you get to have fun with funky coloured under-caps!

Source: Imane Asry

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