Our Fashion Writer’s Guide To Styling Nike’s Experimental EXP-X14 Sneaker

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Don’t take your running shoes for granted and start pairing ‘em with your everyday get-up.

(Photography: Nike)


Other than being a fluorescent gem (P.S. neon is a rising trend this Fall/Winter season), you can now truly embrace the chunky/dad sneaker trend all-in-one!

The ‘EXP’ simply stands for the word ‘experiment’ whilst the ‘X14’ (aka the internal code name for the Nike React Technology) refers to the technology  used in the shoes’s midsole to provide extreme comfort – trust us, it really is that comfy! Not only does the EXP-X14 pushing the boundaries of embracing performance- and lifestyle-wear together but the kicks are here to provide all-day comfort for those who are constantly on-the-go.

If you’re a sneakerhead and want to ditch the classic way of wearing white sneakers with… well, almost anything, then this guide is made for you! Pairing these airy kicks works great if you’re into loose silhouettes and street-wear elements to flaunt. Read through to see how our Fashion Writer, Amalina styles it in 3 different ways.

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