Nike Introduces Its Latest Innovation With The ‘Victory Swim’ Modest Swimwear Collection

Nike is here to keep your worries away.

Following the amazing responses to the Nike Pro Hijab, Nike was determined to create for athletes of all backgrounds, body types, abilities and aspirations.

Photography: Nike

With that being said, the brand has previewed its latest innovations that caused a major buzz on social media the past week with the latest ‘Victory Swim’ collection. 

The collection includes the ‘Victory Full-Coverage’ swimsuit, along with other separates like the ‘Swim Hijab’, ‘Swim Tunic Top’ and the ‘Swim Leggings’. While this amazing collection brings a new game to modest swimwear, the performance behind it is well-thought and also inspiring for all Muslim ladies to wear worldwide.

Not forgetting the most important detail: the overall collection is lightweight, breathable and quick-drying with additional head-to-toe UPF 40+ sun protection. How cool is that? 

Sketches of the 'Victory Swim' collection | Photography: Nike

Sketches of the 'Victory Swim' collection | Photography: Nike

Sketches of the 'Victory Swim' collection | Photography: Nike

Sketches of the 'Victory Swim' collection | Photography: Nike

The ‘Victory Full-Coverage’ swimsuit and the ‘Tunic Top’ features a built-in sports bra with perforated cups while the ‘Swim Leggings’ reveals a modest and streamlined silhouette with the bonded seams and coated zippers enabling movement without excessive cling. Also, the ‘Swim Hijab’ features a fitted headband and mesh hair pocked inside to support full coverage when you’re in the waters. 

Malaysian model, Arinna Erin

The best part is our homegirl Arinna Erin, a fashion advocate and model in KL, was one of the girls in this amazing campaign to represent the latest Victory Swim collection.

As quoted from Erin’s Instagram, “The moment I put on the Nike Victory swimsuit, it felt right. It served its purpose and swimming in it was effortless. I’m a firm believer and advocate of trying new things, doing the things I love and making sure it’ll all be worth it in the end, whatever it may be. Never limit yourself, Just Do It.”

The collection will be available on February 1st in retail outlets and online.

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