Mulberry Launches Its First Ever Sustainable Leather Tote

Mulberry has announced the launch of its first 100% sustainable leather tote and we could not be more thrilled.

The Portobello tote was inspired by Mulberry Green, the company’s commitment to creating positive change and a sustainable legacy, proving that ethical consideration is all you need to complete any look.

Made in Mulberry’s carbon-neutral factory in the UK, the Portobello tote elevates the notion of minding what you wear. This perfect arm accessory was made with a gold-rated tannery, by-product food material and recycled polyester stitches, showing us yet again that style and sustainability go hand in hand.

Photography: Mulberry

Meanwhile, the design of the bag focuses on function and practicality. This simple tote uses double hoop handles and a shoulder strap so that it can be either carried or worn across the body.

Mulberry Creative Director Johnny Coca explains that “Our starting point for this family was the ultimate everyday item, the plastic bag – functional, but throwaway. The Portobello keeps the beautiful utility of this silhouette and elevates it into an elegant tote that is practical and, more importantly, made to last.”

And this product will do more than just last. Mulberry will offer its buyers their lifetime restoration service, giving them the opportunity to revive their well-loved totes rather than replace them.

Portobello Pale Slate

Portobello Chestnut

Portobello Black

Portobello Tangerine Orange

However, this bag is more than just good for the world and the world of fashion – it’s also good for the wallet. The luxury brand guarantees that the price of ethical sourcing and production will not be handed down to the user. Not to mention, that 100% of the bag’s net proceeds will go to World Land Trust – a conservation charity that funds the creation of reserves while providing permanent protection for habitats and wildlife.

“I am delighted to oversee the creation of Mulberry’s first completely sustainable bag. Through our Mulberry Green responsibility commitments, we are continuing our innovative approach towards design and manufacturing in a conscientious way, ensuring we will provide truly luxury, truly responsible products for our customers, says Thierry Andretta, the CEO of Mulberry.

The Portobello tote will be available in-store and online in a range of signature and seasonal shades: Black, Midnight, Chestnut, Nordic, Blue, Crimson, Tangerine, Orange and Mulberry Green.

So, the next time someone asks to explain what sustainability, practicality and style look like, we would definitely show them this Portobello tote!

By Andrea Selvarajah.

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