Monki Wants You To Own Your Rights

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FEMALE: Body rights have evolved into an important issue in the modern age, what was the process in creating this capsule collection? Colours and design-wise?

MONKI: “The collection features two statements: “This body got rights” and “Handle with love and respect”. Two powerful sentences that hopefully can raise awareness of body rights and encourage young women and men to take pride in their body rights. At Monki we believe in female empowerment; it’s at the core of everything we do. This collaboration with RFSU, a non-profit organisation with the mission to educate young people on the topic of body rights and sexuality, is both a great way to encourage young women and men to take pride in their body rights and to reach even more people with that message.”

F: How did you come up with the concept of these three situations?

M: “The campaign is built around relatable, everyday situations where young men and women sometimes can feel vulnerable. They tap into that feeling of being insecure, but instead of shying away, the cast in the films is assertive and confident – just like all women and men have the right to be.”

F: How important is interior and exterior beauty?

M: “From the very start Monki has worked with a clear mission: to empower young women and to try to create an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome, just as they are. Playing and being in control of your style can be one way of feeling empowered. As a fashion brand Monki has an opportunity to contribute to the way women are portrayed in the public space.”

F: And lastly, what’s next for Monki?

M: “Monki will always continue to work with our mission to empower young women around the world. That’s why we’re constantly involved in new projects and collaborations that correspond with those values. Watch this space!”

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