Monki Wants You To Own Your Rights

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Do what you want. Know your rights. Wear it with pride. 

The Public Escalator

Well-known Swedish brand Monki has teamed up with RFSU (Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) to empower young women by launching an exclusive capsule collection, raising awareness on body rights – yes that’s right.

“This body got rights” and “Handle with love and respect”.

The collection consists of comfortable T-shirts and tote bags with a statement quote so strong that you’ll want to support the motion yourself! Models Clare, Caroline and Dakota were scouted on Instagram which makes this campaign so pure by involving three very real girls owning it in these three situations. Here are their stories:

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Team FEMALE also had the opportunity to speak with Monki on this very special collection. Take a peek at the next page for what they had to say in this exclusive interview.

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