Monki Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary with Women Empowering Slogans

Our favourite quirky Swedish retail brand just turned 10 with an amazing feminist campaign featuring bad-ass women!

To celebrate its 10 awesome years, Monki decided to lead its anniversary with a feminist campaign and capsule collection, #monkifesto.

No stranger to social engagements to its customers, Monki decided to invite ten groups of women such as bloggers, authors, DJs and actors to acknowledge the challenges of the new generation of women out there and discuss empowering feminist messages towards all women, especially towards young and adolescent girls.

The campaign is built around ten slogans with cool illustrations designed by Arvida Byström, such as ‘Please yo’self’, ‘Multi is the new regular’, ‘Be a drama queen’, ‘Periods are cool’ and ‘Knowledge is queen’. The objective of the H&M group retail brand is to help dismantle the shallow depictions of women, patriarchy, and to encourage self-love and self-affirmation.

We’ve picked three of our favourite slogans and you can view the rest of the videos of the other seven slogans here.

The campaign launched in mid-September on social media, and will feature a capsule collection reproducing the various slogans on sweatshirts, tops, pants, etc. The #monkifesto capsule collection is now available in stores with various slogans on sweatshirts, tops, and pants.