Meet The New Modern Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring

It isn’t everyday that Tiffany & Co. announces a new engagement ring design.

Engagement ring designs are something of a jewellery brand’s trademark signature– who doesn’t know Tiffany’s own six-prong Tiffany® Setting and Cartier’s classic 1895 Solitaire rings? So when news of the new Tiffany & Co. engagement ring hit, you can bet we sat up and took notice!

Meet Tiffany True, the new Tiffany & Co. engagement ring that’s destined to become another icon of the house.  The brand presents it as a “modern engagement ring with clean lines and refined details, as pure and considered as the original Tiffany® Setting.”

With an innovatitve new contoured diamond cut that maximizes brilliance, light and contrast to compliment the Tiffany True’s geometric lines, the ring adds a decidedly modern and contemporary option to Tiffany & Co.’s legendary engagement collection.

Here’s what Tiffany & Co. have to say about their new ring:

The Cut

For this new style, Tiffany & Co. leveraged its unique diamond cutting expertise with an innovative cut. Named Tiffany True for its genuine ability to captivate, this new square-mixed fancy-cut diamond exposes more surface area on the diamond’s main facet, enhancing its luster through heightened contrast and dispersed light. In the Tiffany tradition, Tiffany True favors beauty over the weight of the diamond. Available with a white diamond, the Tiffany True cut makes each stone even more luminous.

The Design

The Tiffany True engagement ring is minimal, architecturally constructed and discreetly marked on the side with a “T,” a subtle detail that is personal to the wearer. Designed to sit low on the finger, this ring has an especially delicate band that has been sculpted to reflect light in a way that does not compete with the stone, a design hallmark that allows the diamond to shine its absolute brightest. The basket’s delicate prongs blend seamlessly into the diamond, making it appear even more brilliant and stunningly pure.

Watch the Tiffany True in action in a new campaign film set to music by Lady Gaga (who wore the Tiffany Diamond at the Academy Awards).

Tiffany True debuts in Malaysia from April 2019 onwards and is available with a white Tiffany True cut diamond set in a platinum band, or with a Fancy Yellow cushion modified brilliant diamond set in an 18k gold band.