Meet Our Stylephile, Zu Of Fashion Label, Zuusaha On Celebrating Her Alter Ego

Step into her world!

The creator of pop art label Zuusaha has been sketching all her life. Inspired by her furry friends (to date, she has 13 cats back at her family residence in Seremban!) and wherever her boots may take her, Zu is one for quirky illustrations and unique silhouettes. Her Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week debut last year even saw characters named ‘Cat Cupid’ and ‘Gothic Cupid’ as dresses and jackets! “My creations are original doodles and drawings brought to life,” she says. While her art-to-wear pieces bolster vivid personalities, the fashion design graduate’s daily outfits speak the opposite.


“My style is kind of laid-back. I’m a T-shirt or boyfriend- or skinny-jeans kind of girl. I’d throw in a statement piece each time, be it chunky high boots, bright socks or felt outerwear to highlight my funky alter ego through my looks, just like what I did here!”



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Original text taken from print by Amalina Anuar and Nabila Azlan

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