Meet Our Stylephile, Crystal King On Celebrating Modern Aesthetics

Who knew you could mix lingerie into your everyday staples?

Warm and personable is how we’d describe Crystal when we were ushered into her cosy studio home, where she spends most of her days working on her lingerie and clothing brand called Made of Lace and Cult of Lace. As a fashion-preneur, Crystal makes it a point to stay up- to-date with the latest trends and pop culture scene and is currently obsessing over the ‘Y2K’ persona, a styling aesthetic with cheeky, throwback-ish outfits. Think butterfly clips and cute seersucker tube tops! “I grew up watching a lot of television and am inspired by Jules Vaughn from the HBO series Euphoria and Samantha Jones from Sex and the City,” she says. Take a peek at her Instagram and you’ll see the resemblance of her using these characters as an inspiration with her own trendy twist to it!


“I used to dress myself in feminine garments like floral prints and puffy silhouettes but then shifted to mixing androgynous styles where oversized shirts and baggy pants play a big part in my wardrobe today. Other go-to staples to elevate my basic everyday staples would be my bodysuits, corsets, statement hairclips and mixing colourful tones to match my high-waisted denim and chequered numbers. I like the idea of pairing corsets over a plain tee or a dazzling bodysuit tucked in denim, just like what I did here in hopes that I can influence others to be confident in wearing lingerie outside rather than just behind closed doors.”



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Original text taken from print by Amalina Anuar and Nabila Azlan