“Making Jewellery Changed Our Lives!”

A career change, cancer and an economic recession – one thing brought these 3 girls through: jewellery making.



Gave up a career in Interior Design to become a Jewellery Designer


When Wendy Gan does not have any accessories to match her dinner dress, she simply whips one up at the last minute. That’s the skill and enthusiasm this 28-year old has for making jewellery, wherein one piece can take her anything from 10 minutes to 1 week to complete.


She recently gave up her career as an Interior Designer to make jewellery full-time on her website, The Mini Diary. While this move raised eyebrows among her friends and family, Wendy stands firm that “being able to live my passion makes everything worthwhile, even though I may end up working longer hours!” She adds that her mum and aunties are now her biggest fans.


Describing herself as a miniature enthusiast, Wendy’s favourite type of trinket to make are charm bracelets. “I enjoy piecing up the charms together to create personal stories for each trinket,” she says. It’s a plus point then that her customers love  the ‘Create Your Own Charm Bracelet’ section. Here, they can pick from the catalogue of charms and customise the bracelet with their own photo, name or initials.


Quick bits about Wendy

• She learnt to make jewellery by herself. “It was self-taught from books as well as experimenting with starter kits I purchased!”

• She has created about a thousand pieces since 2009. “They comprise of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and hair accessories.”

• A mess on her table can inspire her. “Bead shopping inspires me the most, but the mess of new finds spread out on my table after that does the trick as well!”