Longchamp Revamps Its Signature Rouseau Line For Spring/Summer 2020

If all history repeats itself, then it’s certainly true in the fashion world.

For its new collection, Longchamp has reinterpreted and revamped the Roseau design, one of its most famous lines from the time of its creation in the ’90s. As one of the Maison’s signatures on the catwalk, the revamped line featured the key motifs of the ready-to-wear collection at New York Fashion Week.

The new Rouseau keeps its simple, streamlined open-top silhouette and unique bamboo-shaped closure, easily y fastened and unfastened like a duffle coat button. These distinctive features are smartly emphasised in the updated design: the bamboo closure enlarged for a quirky and modern twist and the leather edges now clean-cut to create a more graphic look.

In keeping with the sportswear trend, Longchamp has also created a new version of the Roseau in luxuriously soft lambskin leather. The bamboo-inspired closure is still a signature feature of the line but, in this version, it slides onto a leather cord.

This chic minimalist line is available in four sizes and three timeless colors worldwide starting November 19, 2019.