Local Songstress Yuna Talks About Her Iconic Modest Fashion And Style Picks

For someone who says she never enjoyed singing when she was growing up, Yuna has certainly come a long way. Despite being a multiple award winner and having collaborated with big names such as Usher and Jay Park, the Los Angeles-based hijabi is as real as they come.

With nearly 760K followers on her Instagram and over 1.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, Yuna is sedulous when it comes to realising her dreams as she constantly challenges herself to make music that never fails to excite her fans. In total, the singer-songwriter has four studio albums released between 2012 and 2019; namely Yuna, Nocturnal, Chapters and Rouge, each comprising of different themes and stories.

Despite diving into the entertainment industry, the thought of changing herself just to blend in and fit into what’s required of the industry and society has never once crossed Yuna’s mind.

“I’ve had a lot of people telling me what to wear, what not to wear and I imagine, ‘Oh my God, this is actually what girls go through today.’ I’m glad I didn’t have to go through the phase where people tell me, ‘If you want to be an artist’, you have to wear sexy clothes and short skirts. Hopefully, what I’ve done (in maintaining the originality of my sense of dressing) is changing the way people see the industry. It’s not just about sex appeal,” said Yuna in an interview with Kane Cunico on Channel News Asia in 2017.

Ever-changing Fashion Preference

Floral-motif Cardigan, Floral-motif Pants, Leather Sandals and Earring, All Chanel 

Today, the singer is recognised for her modest outfits and stylish turbans that reflect her dedication to staying true to her Islamic faith. With a signature style of her own, Yuna is fast becoming the darling of high fashion and the turbanista has been spotted attending shows by Chanel, Carolina Herrera, DKNY, Prabal Gurung and more during the Fashion Weeks in New York and Paris. Surprisingly, she notes that she doesn’t have a particular fashion preference and in fact, says that her style changes consistently.

“It’s hard to describe my fashion sense. In the past, I’ve tried boho chic and later found out that maybe it wasn’t exactly the right theme that defines me well. So it really changes according to time. For instance, on some days, I want to look a li’l more tomboy-ish or street style-ish. My current style has more edge to it. There are days when I also like going for a more feminine look or rock star-ish look. If I had to pick one fashion item to represent me, my answer would be a pair of chunky boots,” she shares.

When it comes to choosing outfit colours, Yuna doesn’t restrict herself to one particular shade but rather, have a seasonal preference. There are days when you can spot her stepping out in an all-black ensemble, but it’s not uncommon to see her rock a casual pairing of a fluffy red jacket and a black turban.

Being Her Daring Self

Tweed Jacket, T-Shirt, Denim Pants, Leather Sandals, and Earrings, All Chanel 

For Yuna, her success as a singer has brought out the adventurous side of her to explore different kinds of fashion styles.

“My passion in fashion is something that I developed along the way. I used to have things (outfits) that I liked but I remember going like ‘I’d love to wear this but I don’t have the body, confidence or style for it’. But not anymore. Now I’m just like OK, I can wear that and let’s see what happens! Once you’ve been through the phase of being a weird kid wearing weird clothes, I think that you can get over anything after that,” she explains.

While she doesn’t have any upcoming fashion projects, the songstress certainly displays a strong interest in exploring more opportunities from the fashion industry. In fact, she named Virgil Abloh as a fashion designer she wants to work with the most and revealed that she’d love to collaborate with Chanel in the future.

“I don’t have anything lined up at the moment but I’d love to collaborate with any designer or fashion house. I think it’d be cool to do like, a scarf collaboration with maybe Chanel. That’ll be something really different and unexpected. I can’t wait to see what happens in the future,” she says.

Coordination Yang Mei Ling and Cheryl Tan Photography Alvin Kean Wong Assisted by Germano Assuncao and Celso Assuncao Styling Cheryl Tan Assisted by Claudia Avila Makeup Mikele Simone Turbans Yuna’s own Location The Urban Jungle Studio, Los Angeles, USA

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