Let the #pillowchallenge do the talking

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With the internet going ballistic over the latest #pillowchallenge trend, why don’t you take this chance to express your creativity and snap a picture of yourself in your pillow outfit?

The MCO may be making most people anxious and restless, but for some, their creative juices seem to be overflowing as they use their extra time at home to amuse themselves by taking part in social media games and challenges.

Most popular right now is the #pillowchallenge where people take photos of themselves posing with just a pillowcase on!

For those of you who are used to taking shots of your OOTDs, you’d understand how fascinating this social media challenge is. Unlike Viktor & Rolf’s Fall 2005 bedroom-inspired collection, which featured a pencil skirt that resembled a duvet and a coat with giant pillows for its collar, the trending #pillowchallenge looks are less artistic but eye-catching nonetheless.

It requires you to transform your pillow into a mini dress by securing it against your body with a fancy belt. How you want to style your pillow piece – make it look posh, pretty or punk, is entirely up to you. The idea is to put your creative skills to the test and maintain your humour and sanity during this lockdown period. After all, it’s important to have a bit of fun and laughter in a time of crisis to chase the blues away.

Here are our top 10 picks from IG that we’re very much in love with:


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