Introducing Our Stylephile, Evonne Saw On Celebrating Individuality

Take a chance and experiment your go-to pieces with an edgy twist!

This fashion enigma is experimental and unafraid when it comes to dressing up – head over to her Instagram and you’ll be in awe with her expressive way of styling her daily looks! Although her OOTDs are often amplified with harness belts, retro-looking gloves and chain chokers, Evonne is actually a very private person. She admits to being a regular Jane with anything but regular outfits. Growing up, Evonne has had her fair share of hand-me-downs but she says, “I wouldn’t trade my current wardrobe with anyone cos a fraction of everything I own, I picked out for myself.”


“Honestly, I don’t think I have a personal style. I’m still solidifying my signature look and with each passing day, my desire to explore continues! Everything you see is a curation of what I choose to express. If you know me IRL, you’d be able to tell how different my social media persona is from myself. However, I am hooked on Renaissance fashion – the Victorian era has some of the best looks. The New Romantic rules too!”



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Original text taken from print by Amalina Anuar and Nabila Azlan



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