I Can’t Wait To Be Back In My Nike Victory Swimsuit

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What do you look for in modest swimwear?

First things first, I’m no pro-swimmer – not in the least bit! But I’ve always seen wading in waters as a great way to stay fit, release large amounts of stress and have loads of fun while I’m at it.

I’ve listed swimming as one of the items in my To Try Harder list this year. It’s right down there near ‘Save the earth with my reusable cup’ and ‘Read more biographies’. Like my other aspirations, I’d usually do better with a cheering component. For example: the Stojo cup that rests in my bag and extra Audible points redeemed for Trevor Noah. Last December, I decided that my new swim booster shall be none other that the new Victory Swimsuit.

I was overjoyed when my two-piece swimsuit arrived!

People were surely quick to judge this by its price. Does the set match its price tag? Short answer: yes. I was fortunate enough to waddle in my Victory swimsuit before the #WFH wave and Restriction Movement Order registered so here’s a list of everything I like about the set. Read away for my longer answers!

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