How to Wear Midi Skirts If You Are Petite

Who told you they’re off-limits just because of your height?

Midi/tea-length skirts are hitting up the fashion charts this Spring/Summer season and we definitely don’t see any objections to it; except that there is the misconception that shorter people should skirt around this pretty piece as it would make them look either stumpy or a human being swallowed by fabric. The only fashion don’t that we have to say about this is: don’t listen to that.

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Sure, midi skirts aren’t exactly the easiest piece to strut in style, but all you need are the right tricks to make them work. So heads up, petite ladies, because we’ve got the guide for you to finally don this gorgeous item.


1. Choose one that ends just slightly below the knee

how to wear midi skirt for short people

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A midi skirt’s hemline generally sits on the middle of your calf, and in between your knee and ankle, but if you’re on the shorter side, feel free to cheat a little for the sake of an awesome outfit. The look will still work without making you look like a teapot – short and stout.


2. Opt for a high-waisted version

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Faking where your waistline begins will give off the illusion that you have longer legs.


3. Tuck in 

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Can’t find one with a high waistline? Tuck your top in for a similar effect.


4. Match it with a cropped top

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Whether your midi skirt is the flared or the fitted type, pairing a crop top with it will compress its length, preventing your overall look from seeming too bulky.


5. Wear heels; nude coloured ones are your best choice

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While heels will naturally give you the extra height to balance the midi’s length, nude coloured ones will make your legs look even longer.

6. Pick a tight-fitting one 

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If you’re worried about looking like your skirt is trying to eat you, the safest midi bet you can go for is one with a tighter fit. It will complement your petite figure better without adding extra weight to your look, as compared to a long and flared midi.


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