How to Turn Kristen Stewart’s Red Carpet Looks into Fab Date Outifts

If you’ve been loving all Kristen Stewart’s glam dresses, here’s how you can tone them down into fab date-friendly outfits!

We’re raving over Kristen Stewart’s evolving red carpet fashion this month in our February 2013 issue and whether you’re a Twi-hard or not, you’ve got to admit the girl has style! So if you’ve been loving all her glam dresses, here’s how you can tone them down into fab date-friendly outfits!


Erina Sleeveless Top, RM35, Vicnity; Lace Peep Toe Heels, RM72, Shoe Story; Harlem Pants, RM45, Milktee; Normans Blue Bag, RM89, Sometime Boutique

We love how Kristen looks absolutely boyish yet chic in her monochrome outfit. But just because it’s a masculine look, it doesn’t mean you have to go all oxfords and brogues! Add a feminine touch to your outfit with a pair of heels.


Lace Crop Top, RM45, nimmue; Studded Loafers, RM61, Lush Serendipity Enterprise; Floral Pants, RM68.40, Seventeen Origins; Studded Skull Head Clutch Bag, RM29.90, Dazzling Couture

Kristen definitely wowed the world when she stepped onto the red carpet with this sexy sheer suit of lace and sequins from head to toe but it might be a little too much for a date (unless your date is Robert Pattinson and you’re attending a movie premiere with him). Our suggestion is to stick with the lace and go for studs, instead of shiny embellishments.


Peep Toe Heels, RM53, Agape Boutique; Exclusive Blair Dress, RM99, su-estilo; Like Glitter Cluth, RM35, JAP

You may want to impress your man but maybe shiny gold embellishments would overdo it, so tone it down with a not-so-simple brocade dress instead! It spells elegance all over! As for accessories, go for simple ones to balance the look.