What Necklace to Wear With Your Clothes

Tip: It depends on the neckline of your outfit. 

Ever had that situation where you’ve planned the perfect outfit to wear that day but then stumble when deciding on the accessories part. You probably have a wide variety of them but which one is the best to match with that top/dress?

We’ve put together a quick guide based on four popular necklines:

A shock of colour and metal layered beneath a collar is a sure-fire way to inject trendy style to a boring button-down. We suggest trying this for the office!

Cover up in style by accessorising with a bold, V-shaped necklace over your exposed décolletage that follows the neckline’s shape. Glamour puss!

With your neckline and décolletage covered, accessorise minimally with simple pendant necklaces but keep it interesting with layering. Choose pendants that reflect your personality!

Less is more? We say more is more! Pile on those necklaces – we like a mixed-metal assortment on a busy-print turtleneck top for some serious statement-making!

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