6 Ways to Wear High Heels Without Pain

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All tips courtesy of a retired model and professional heel-wearer. Yes, it’s THAT legit.

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We think every woman has a love-hate relationship with high heels. They charm you at the store – it was love at first sight – and look absolutely gorgeous when you try them on. You buy them and slip them on the next time to go with your favourite dress; voila, your legs instantly look longer and leaner. A few hours later, your feet start to hurt.

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Yeah, you know what we mean. Well, if you’re a fan of high heels but hate how they sometimes kill your feet, retired model Marie Helvin has some top tips for you to survive in high heels for as long as the day/night needs it to, gleaned from her years of working in fashion (runways, red carpets, you name it!).

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