12 Cool Ways to Wear An All White Outfit

Honestly, anyone can pull it off. 

PHOTO: @garypeppergirl

The easiest way: wear a one-piece.

PHOTO: @charisow

Second easiest way: wear a one-piece (in the form of a jumpsuit).

PHOTO: @povyteng

Third easiest way: wear a one-piece (in the form of a playsuit).

PHOTO: @amandalmy

Wear a pantsuit – only all-white.

PHOTO: @chrisellelim

Wear it like a pantsuit, but with a looser silhouette for your inner top and outerwear.

PHOTO: @nanabwincess

Try it with culottes!

PHOTO: @chenellewen

Opt for a two-piece; and if one of the pieces comes with an extra detail or flair, it’s an instant upgrade to the look.


PHOTO: @vanessa_cwy

Play with texture if you find wearing plain white a bit too… plain. Lace is one easy option to start off.

PHOTO: @chloeleongg_ 

You can also try pieces with a cut out design.

PHOTO: @songofstyle

When it comes to the art of layering, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is with only white pieces. Play with pieces that have embroidery or buttons to make it look even more interesting.

PHOTO: @rumineely

Feeling lazy on weekends? Pair your comfy jumpsuit with a white crop top for an easy yet stylish match.

PHOTO: @daphnecharice

Here’s a style hack if you really don’t feel comfortable going all white but would still like to try it: mix and match your pieces in different shades of white. Think cream, off white or even a light camel colour.

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