How to Keep Your Designer Bags Looking New for Years

Maintain your new splurge in tip-top condition with these tips!


After saving up and finally splurging on that designer handbag you’ve been eyeing, you’d want to make sure it stays as new as possible for the longest time, and we can say there’s absolutely no shortcut to it, just painstaking aftercare. Maintain the pristine quality of your luxury handbags with these simple tips fromMyBagSpa!


1. Keep in shape

Put a soft sweater or some newspaper inside your totes when not in use to maintain their shape. This is extremely vital for large bags made of soft leather that are less structured!

2. Use the dust bag

Always protect your handbag by storing it in a dust bag (that usually comes with the bag) when not using it; and make sure it is placed on a flat surface instead of hung to prevent stretching of the handle.

3. Streamline your bag

Overloading your bag contributes to the daily wear and tear in the long run, so make sure to ditch unnecessary items regularly, and keep liquids in a separate pouch to prevent accidental spills!

4. Keep away from dark clothing

To all you light-coloured bag lovers out there, we know the struggle! Avoid having your bags rubbing againstyour dark clothes or jeans to prevent them from getting stained.

5. Regular spa sessions

When doing it yourself just isn’t enough, go the extra mile and treat your luxury handbags to a bag spa for detailed maintenance. Letting the experts fix any wear and tear with professional equipment can definitely prolong the life of your purses. Try: 

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