H&M Channels ‘Twin Peaks’ For Their Studio A/W 2018 Collection

What happens when one of your favourite brands is obsessed with the same TV show as you? A match made in heaven! H&M’s latest AW Studio collection reels in the ‘dream logic aesthetic of the cult series Twin Peaks’ as inspiration. Expect a mix of feminine statement pieces and wardrobe classics borrowed from the boys, you can spot some ’50s movie icons’ era-defining looks.

“With H&M Studio, we love the play between the feminine and masculine and this year we added a 50’s twist – there are ultra-feminine options combined with mannish details and super-classic pieces that invite you to create your own distinctive look,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s Design Director.

With pieces like a sculpting wool dress and sturdy turn-up jeans, the collection lets you play with a variety of looks that not only brings the neo-noir element but lets you get creative with modern ways to pull them off.

Here are some of our favourite looks from their lookbook!



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