GUESS’s Spring ’19 Watches Help You And Your Partner Nail The Couples’ Look Effortlessly!

Featuring bold blues, rose golds and Swarovski® crystals!

Couples’ clothing and accessories are a great way to show off the love you and your partner have for each other. And while they mostly come in matching sets, they sometimes don’t even have to look the same -all that matters is how meaningful they are to the both of you.

If you prefer to display your affection subtly, then something as simple as a timepiece would be a great pick! Take a cue from Evelyn Marieta and her husband Jim who wore couples’ watches during Valentine’s Day:

Lucky for you, GUESS has just released its Spring 2019 collection of watches so you and your partner can have something that reminds you both of each other. Coming in sporty looks with the brand’s signature style, they’re perfect for day-to-day wear and for almost any occasion!

‘Pink Passion’ for Her

With a pastel pink silicone strap, ‘Pink Passion’ shows off a two-toned look with a 33mm polished silver case and a textured bezel in rose gold for an edgy yet feminine touch. Completing the piece are pink sub-dials that tie the whole look together and ups the ante of your look!

Another variation of the ‘Pink Passion’ timepiece features a blinged-out dial embellished with Swarovski® crystals in an ombre effect. With shades of pink, yellow and orange, the watch shows off minimal elegance and would complement any outfit beautifully. Featuring a pink silicone strap as well, it’s paired with a 42mm round oversized case in polished silver. The style is also available in a white and rose-gold variations too!


‘Blue Crush’ for Him

Bold blues and a touch of rose gold paint the ‘Blue Crush’ range for men. Applying the brand’s signature style with practical elements, the silicone-strap watch is paired with carbon-like textures onto its blue bezel and dial. And with its multifunction movement and oversized 45mm rose gold case, the timepiece is the perfect accessory for the on-the-go man.

Next, a style that’s versatile for work and weekend wear comes in two variations – one with a polished blue plated case and bezel in 46mm and 47mm on a silicone strap. Using the same carbon-like textured dial, you’ll find a delicate rose gold wiring around the bezel for a more sophisticated and elegant yet casual look.