These Amazing Fashion Pieces Were Made From Old Clothes

Old clothes given new life!

Earlier in the year, GUESS launched their clothes recycling initiative with the aim of improving sustainability and reducing textile waste.

Some of you may even have donated your clothes yourself! In March and April, people could drop off their old clothes at 8 stores around the Klang Valley. These clothes were then channelled to Kloth Cares, a fabric recycler party as well as the Raffles College of Higher Education KL, where young fashion design students were tasked with remake them into new fashion pieces.

Now the top 10 pieces have been chosen, and you can view them below! Take a look and see if you can identify the original items used in each piece!

The Morning After by Bryan Tiong

“My idea for the look is to raise not one but two awareness’s which includes sustainability in fashion and also gender equality. This look was created fully out of used menswear pieces to emphasise how a woman can be just as strong as a man but also elegant, delicate and sophisticated in their nature; without letting go of their naturally elegant and delicate side. Due to my constant Grecian designing style, I’ve created this corset with the drape and folds by taking inspirations from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty and passion. “

Post Apocalypse by Daniel Pang

“The design concept represents the world after a war where fabrics are destroyed and are not being produced. The main technique used is deconstruction. For instance, the usage of several pairs of jeans with different colours and parts to recreate the coat. Style wise, it consists of punk with chaotic and dramatic elements while balancing masculinity and femininity. Lots of patch work on each garment emphasises the chaotic look.”

Saturday Night Fever by Tan Jia Wern

“This look is called “Saturday Night Fever”. It’s a toned down punk style that’s fully made out of used denim to emphasise sustainability in fashion that creates a casual look.”

DISTORTION by Miko Tham Zhan Xin

“Distortion has been interpreted in various artistic methods. The word in itself means the twisting or alteration of reality. These keywords are the inspiration behind my garment, it gives a new identity to what was once considered as “old”.”

Unconscious by Ian Lo

“An unconscious mind requires freedom for thoughts, and a space to move forward. The unconscious mind is fair and rebels against the societal norms, so that freethinking and freedom of speech may flourish. A jumpsuit so immense that you could unconsciously wear it, pants so thick that it can fend off opinions. A semi-utility jumpsuit, mixed with casual grunge with a boxy 80s sportswear silhouette.”

Abstract Safari by Nur Aishah Binte Yahya

“With the vast amount of wastage on earth, materials such as fabric, plastic straws, metal and old garments are left unused especially in the fashion industry. This look consists of all the above-mentioned materials; to show that creativity in up-cycling can still be fun, colourful and beautiful.”

Me, Myself and I by Chin Jia Yi

“To be able to witness yourself move into a new stage in life is an amazing experience. An A-line summer dress which was inspired to celebrate female teenagers when they reach young adulthood. Colours and textures of the fabrics represent the growing stages of the person, that does not only include physical appearance but also the emotions. From the colourful combination of the button stand straps to the mature and calm nature of the navy blue skirt, it represents the growth of the person, however it also implies excitement and fun are within the soul of the wearer. “

Adumbration of Blue by Nadya Faustine

“A young rebellious girl in the city of Morocco, breaking the rules by not obeying the idea of tranquillity through a chaotic punk but feminine look. This garment was produced through sustainable methods such as attaching multiple panels of pre loved denims to create a look that has multiple hues.”

Bombshell Rework by Ng Ken Leon

“: During my research of various Guess ad campaigns, I was specifically drawn to pinup bombshell from the 50s and 60s era where women were confident in displaying their sexuality. This look is my version of the Texan-inspired trend which applies upcycling technique through incorporating creativity of minimising but maximising the usage of garment.”

A Voice by Maudy Lengkong

“The look was inspired to represent female empowerment. The garments were made using men’s work attire, which was a buttoned up shirt and tailored pants that was up-cycled and transformed into a womenswear to give the message that women are capable to do “men’s” work and to promote gender equality, while at the same time utilising the functionality of each garments.”

You can see these pieces in person at the showcase on the Pavilion Link Bridge, Level 4 from 17th till 23rd June 2019.