Gucci Lets You Try On Their Sneakers Digitally With Shoe AR Technology

Shoe-shopping is about to get so much more interesting with the pioneering AR technology! 

Every woman loves shopping but with the rise in technology, more and more people are choosing to shop through the web nowadays. Not only is it easier to search for the styles we’re looking for, but online shopping is also so much more convenient and often cheaper.

If you’ve been an avid online shopper, you’ll be familiar with the augmented reality technology that has been pioneering in the beauty industry for the past couple of years where customers can try out makeup products via a specially designed mobile application. Now, customers can virtually “try on” Gucci’s mainstay Ace sneakers thanks to the AR technology integrated into the Gucci App.

The technology, currently available on iOS only, will allow the luxury brand to present its newest models to fans through an engaging experience where fans will have the opportunity to interact with upcoming shoe collections that are only scheduled for release. In case you’re worried about visual differences, the recent release of the shoe AR Try-on technology developed by the brand’s technology partner Wannaby is said to be the most precise and accurate technology, as well as being acknowledged by industry leaders and AR professionals around the world.

With the Gucci App’s new function, you can now explore how different models of Ace sneakers might look like on your very own feet. All you need to do is pick the sneakers of your choice on screen, point your mobile device’s camera at your feet and virtually “try-on” the selected pair. The app is also linked to the Gucci website so you can immediately purchase the footwear if you love them. How convenient! For social media enthusiasts, the app also allows you to take photos of yourself “wearing” the Ace sneakers and share them on social media.

The Ace sneakers, which boast ever-changing decorations, have become a canvas for Gucci to demonstrate its delight in creative decoration and embellishment. Over the years, The House has been regularly reinterpreting the Ace to offer customers multiple playful versions with a powerful emblem of character and personality. Download the Gucci App now on and give this AR technology a try!

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