Good Riddance Tight Bra Imprints!

“I can’t wait to go home and take my bra off!” Does that sound like something you’d say after having a long day at work? Well, if it is, then good news, ladies! Sloggi has the exact answer you’ve been looking for that’ll help you overcome your problem. 

A common problem we ladies face is to find the right bra. Right in terms of choosing the right band size, cup size and also in terms of material that makes us feel comfortable. Most of the time, because of the material that’s used to make the bra itself, we are still left with red marks and bruises that causes us a lot of pain that we end up having to deal with. To overcome this, Sloggi recently introduced its revolutionary ZERO Feel Spring/Summer 2018 collection that you need to try!

Here’s why I personally fell in love with this collection after giving it a try for three weeks.

Finding the right size and type of bra is never an easy task especially since I’m a little busty. It has reached the point where the moment I find the right type, I don’t mind buying five of the same type (even if it means it’s BORING!). Not to mention, I don’t mind wearing painful bras (thanks to the material it’s made from) because it is almost as if if I find the right size, I can’t get the colour. If I get the right colour, I most probably won’t be able to find one that comes in the design I’m looking for. But it wasn’t until I tried out the all-new Sloggi ZERO Feel.

This range of bras are made from 40-gauge jersey fabric knitted material that’s extremely soft. If you’re one who loves to wear sports bras, then this is definitely something you should invest in. The fabric was so soft to the point it almost felt as tho I wasn’t wearing anything. This was something I had to get used to because for the first few days, it made me feel really insecure especially since it came without any underwire but after three days, I eventually got used to it. It is easy for you to move about in this bra and it had no seams and no hooks, just like a sports bra! Only difference was that this bra was way easier to remove than a sports bra. Best part was that in that three weeks, there were no marks AT ALL on my shoulders and back, which made me feel really really good and it gave my skin time to heal from all that pain it has gone through. Rest assured, I’m definitely getting myself a few more pairs since there are eight colour options for me to choose from – black, peanut butter, grise, laguna, lilac, orange, pink and blue.

Sloggi Bralettes are priced at RM169, Sloggi Bra-Tops are priced at RM159 and Sloggi Hipster’s are priced at RM59.90