Five Tips On Looking Sharp For A WFH Business Meeting

We show you how you can be professional yet casual at the same time!

The announcement regarding the extension of the MCO to May 12 means that WFH will continue for many. In other words, you’ll still be getting ready and looking professional for a business e-meeting.

While some might have already grasped the tricks of prepping for this WFH situation, others may find it a sartorial challenge. Don’t fret, we’re here to help. Here are five key points to consider before you turn on your camera.

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The catchphrase “dress to impress” is no doubt critical when you’re having an e-meeting with a client or your big boss. However, overdressing might come across as inappropriate in this current state.

Start by asking yourself these questions: “Will I ever wear this to work?” and “Is this what I want others to associate my personality with?” If your answers are “no”, you should keep that (fancy dress) sealed in your closet.

The safest outfit to showcase professionalism: a wrinkle-free cotton shirt or a neutral-coloured sweater (if you’re lucky enough to be in an air-conditioned room). You can be wearing a comfortable pair of shorts – just remember not to stand up.

2. Choose blue

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Blue is a calming colour that’s naturally pleasing to the eyes. However, avoid choosing bright ones, like electric or ultramarine, which do not translate well on camera. Instead, go for shades like pastels, navy and powder.

3. Avoid anything with prints

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This ties in with our first point, so avoid anything with detailed embellishments and elaborate slogans. What you should be wearing: simple and neat pieces, like an olive green blouse or an orange dress. Just make sure it’s monochromatic and free of complicated prints.

4. Accessorise, but keep it minimal

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A simple gold necklace is an easy way to add interest to a denim shirt – after all, it’s the little details that count. It is okay to accessorise, but be mindful not to overdo it. You wouldn’t want to resemble a Christmas tree, would you?

5. When in doubt, don a blazer

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You overslept and it’s five minutes away to an important meeting. You need four minutes to freshen up and switch on your computer. In other words, you’re down to the last minute to look decent. What can you do?

Rather than frantically changing out of your pyjamas and throwing on the nearest wrinkled blouse you can find, put on a blazer. A power jacket can sharpen your look in an instant.

Original text from Her World Singapore


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