FEMALE Tries: We Put Nike’s React Infinity Run To The Test

It feels like you’re running on clouds.

Photography: Nike

Call me a sneakerhead but I’d prefer sneakers over sandals any day. Ask my friends and they’ll agree with me on this statement too! With the MCO in full order, there are various ways to keep yourself active at home to release those endorphins from your system. Whether it’s by having a run around the car park or to break a sweat indoors with conditioning workouts, training has never felt this good when you’ve got the Nike’s React Infinity Run in your sneaker collection. 

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to test out this electrifying pair before the MCO. It was designed to make your training much more comfortable and lightweight, and according to Nike, this pair is proven to reduce running injuries by 52 per cent during a 12-week run training programme as compared other Nike creations. This is all thanks to the springy feel from the sneaker’s game-changing cushioning technology made of a blend of biomechanical efficiency and cushioning. 

Once you’ve unboxed the shoes, your eyes will immediately gravitate towards the gorgeous complementing tones of hot pink, rose gold and neon yellow on the fresh white pair. Next, you’ll see the ‘rocker’ curve silhouette, which helps your feet move at a comfortable pace from your heel to midfoot and the forefoot for that plush stride. I also realised that the extra height in the wider platform with the supportive foam that moves from the back to the front is pretty great for those who have wider feet, like mine. 

To put it to the test, I decided to go for a jog around my apartment and truly understood why this was made the way it is for those who enjoy running. I liked how snug it made my feet felt without it being too tight, while still leaving ample room to breathe. With the three-layer mesh fabric in the flyknit, it fits easily like a sock to keep you locked in when you’re heading for that push. The shape does give you that extra boost of energy with every stride as the rocker shape helps your feet roll to a comfortable position with every landing. 

The best part? I get to style it in different ways for my workouts and when I’m out for grocery runs. I get to pair with everyday stapes like my graphic tee and denim combo and also my denim dresses for that preppy touch! Whether it’s for your workouts, long runs, jogs or for your weekend appointments, you should definitely consider the Nike React Infinity Run as your trendy and functional companion for that extra push when breaking a sweat.

React Infinity Run (RM649) available now in-stores and online.

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